JP-2000S Epoxy Mortar

[Anticorrosive, waterproof, adhesive flooring materials for steel plate decks]

JP-2000S Epoxy Mortar COVER

01. Use

❶ Used for adhesion reinforcement between steel plate deck (Metal), asphalt, and ascon,
and for anticorrosion and waterproofing of steel plate
❷ Used for steel plate deck construction of steel bridges

02. Product features

❶ Prevent ascon from being forced off even under high temperature by increasing adhesion
between steel and asphalt
❷ Excellent corrosion preventive function for steel caused by moisture and calcium carbonate
❸ Superior adhesive property, heat resistance, cold resistance, flexibility and the toughness of coating

03. Others
❶ Storage requirements
12A. Store in room temperature (25℃ ±5℃)
12B. Prohibit exposure to moisture and direct light
❷ Expiration date: One year from date of manufacture
❸ Hardening requirements:
12A. Track-free: 25℃ x 4 hrs or more
12B. Fixation: 25℃ x 8 hrs or more
12C. Perfection: 25℃ x 7 days or more

04. Product properties

JP-2000S Epoxy Mortar TABLE

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