Research and Development

For every product innovation we make, we think of how to enrich the lives of our consumers.

We have latest technology to analyse the quality of our products. We want to be able to respond to the needs of our customers as promptly as possible through continuous investment in the research and development.

We have a medium to long term plan to manage and update the machines and equipment to set our manufacturing and testing environment to that of pioneers’ in the world chemical industry.


Research and Development

Research and Development is a driving force of Jeil Chemical and we want to ensure that we respond to the needs of our customers with speed through continuous investment into the Research and Development efforts.

Since the opening of our Research Laboratory as an annex to the latest manufacturing site, our Research and Development team has improved the quality of epoxy, PU and acrylic resins used for construction materials, adhesives, heavy electrical and electronic products and molding applications. We innovated a number of high-value epoxy products for military and high-tech applications.

We have a series of training programs designed for the research and development professionals. The programs are to give the research and development professionals a field of opportunities to learn about the latest technology and acquire relevant resources and information. We are focused on developing our research and development professionals to be product innovators and strategic planners who understand what the current and future needs are for our customers and consumers.

We are investing in the research and development to get a step closer to becoming a world leading chemical corporation who understands what our customers need and how to enrich the lives of our consumers through the products we innovate. We are diversifying our business areas to give greater selections for our customers.

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Research and Development Team

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Research and Development in Jeilchemical