The world is focusing on increasing fuel efficiency of the motor vehicles to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and we are no exception.

We are investing in developing innovative epoxy binders and related epoxy materials used in the automobile manufacturing. We are working together with many other companies to optimize the usability of light-weight automobiles to increase the fuel efficiency thus reduce carbon monoxide emissions.

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Jeil Chemical is investing in increasing the fuel efficiency of motor vehicles by innovating epoxy binders and developing other monitor vehicle’s future materials.

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Jeil Chemical’s R&D center is focusing on developing more sustainable materials for the future of automobile industry.

Research and Development Plan

Short-Term Plan
  • Item : Adhesives
  • Applications : For high-performance structures
  • Properties : To increase weldability
Mid-Term Plan
  • Items : Resins
  • Applications : For high-strength & heat-resistant applications
  • Direction : Organic-inorganic hybrid Epoxy HNT