Jeil Chemical is a global leading company

Innovating environment-friendly
Epoxy products and solutions

To create a safer and more sustainable future for all.

Welcome to Jeil Chemical.

At Jeil Chemical, we focus on being a sustainable chemical corporation. All our products and solutions are built on the three founding pillars of safety, quality and honesty.

Our vision is to be the leading innovator in the macromolecular engineering and product development. This vision drives us to focus on developing more innovative products and solutions such as adhesives, UV coating agents, heavy electrical, electronic, optical and various construction materials utilizing epoxy, PU and acrylic resins.

We developed our own R&D facilities. We also had the privilege and the capability to design and build all our own manufacturing equipment. We apply strict quality control measures. We adhere to the health and safety processes that meet the internationally recognized standards.

Jeil Chemical now produces over 30,000 tons of chemical products a year for over 500 customers based in Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe. We are working in partnership with many global corporations whose names are familiar to many businesses and consumers. We support and exchange technical knowledge with businesses in developing places.

We believe that the future is what we make of it and the power of opportunity is in the uncertainty of the future. With our passion and imagination, we are stepping up to be a global leading corporation innovating precision chemical materials and products. We envision a company where employees are happy to work for, through which the lives of consumers are enriched and whose communities benefit from its contribution. We hope you continue to watch us closely as we pass each milestone to fulfill our vision.

CEO, Jong Il Im


R&D Power

Our in-house R&D capabilities allow us to custom-build products in smaller quantities as requested by our customers. Contact us today to discuss your requirement.

Production Capacity

30k tons / year

We are equipped to produce high-quality chemical products in large quantities using our own manufacturing facilities that are organically built with the highest standard.

Advanced Technology

Our Customers

Customers are at the center of everything we do at Jeil Chemical. We appreciate our customers asking us to be innovative and offer them the best possible solution.

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Choose Jeil Chemical.

Safety, quality and honesty are the three founding pillars of Jeil Chemical.
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We want our customers to be fully satisfied with the quality of products we provide.



We empower our staff to advance their personal capability through continuous professional learning.



We endeavor to do things more efficiently and reduce wastage.

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We endeavour to deliver the best products and services.