Construction Materials

Superb construction materials!

We produce a wide range of sustainable and environment-friendly construction materials required by the construction industry and our customers are happy with the quality and durability our construction materials have.

Construction materials we deliver include floor coating products for convention centers, hospitals, retail shops, manufacturing plants, car parks, etc.

Our specialized floor coating materials have non-slip and fire-retardant qualities and widely applied in boat building, steel decks of buildings, concrete bridges, overground and underground trains.

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Experience the quality and durability of the construction materials produced by Jeil Chemical.

We focus on innovating eco-friendly construction materials for the construction industry.

Construction Materials

Jeil Chemical is a worldwide provider of sustainable chemical products and solutions. Today, Jeil Chemical produces over 30,000 tons a year, for over 500 customers globally.

Safety, quality and honesty are the founding pillars of Jeil Chemical.

Customers are at the center of everything we do at Jeil Chemical. We want our customers to have confidence in the products we build and the solutions we offer.

  • Waterproof roof sealant (PU resin, Acrylic resin)
  • Standard flooring (Epoxy resin, PU resin, Acrylic resin)
  • All-weather elastic surfacing (PU resin)
  • Rapid-curing waterproofing system (PU resin)
  • High-strength resin mortar (Epoxy resin, PU resin)
  • Construction materials we produce include bridge joint, mortar, waterproof sealant, grouting and coating.

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We provide leading construction materials.

Civill Engeering Construction record_1
Civill Engeering Construction record_4
Civill Engeering Construction record_3
Civill Engeering Construction record_2
  • Dustproof : Excellent
  • Friction Resistance : Remarkable
  • Gloss : Superior
  • Surface : Elegant
  • Harmony : Best
Civill Engeering Construction record_6
Civill Engeering Construction record_7
Civill Engeering Construction record_8

Safety, quality and honesty are the founding pillars of Jeil Chemical.


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Construction Materials