The global demand for epoxy resins is on the rise.

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Product Development

Jeil Chemical specializes in developing innovative epoxy products and solutions for many business and industries.

Construction Materials

  • Waterproof roof sealant (PU resin, Acrylic resin)
  • Standard flooring (Epoxy resin, PU resin, Acrylic resin)
  • All-weather elastic surfacing (PU resin)
  • Rapid-curing waterproofing system (PU resin)
  • High-strength resin mortar (Epoxy resin, PU resin)
  • Construction materials we produce include bridge joint, mortar, waterproof sealant, grouting and coating.


  • Heat-resistant
  • Managed thermal conductivity rate
  • Friction-resistant
  • Acid-resistant
  • We produce highly specialized adhesives for automobile, civil engineering and construction industries as well as accessories for small electronic goods.

Heavy Electrical Products

  • 2 essential (resin formulation) products for heavy electrical goods
  • SF6-free eco-switches
  • Raw base resins and hardeners
  • High-voltage electrical parts
  • We are excited to announce that our heavy electrical products were supplied to the government-owned KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corporation).

OEM Products

We are an Original Equipment Manufacturer to many well-known global chemical corporations. We can custom-build products according to your design and specification or our R&D team can offer you a solution which you can market to your own customers with your own brand. Contact us to discuss your requirement today.

Research & Development

We have the technical expertise for customized resin formulation developed by our in-house R&D center.