What is Epoxy Mortar?

Epoxy mortar is a fast-curing, sticky resin used to set tile or patch concrete. It is resistant to stains, water and chemicals, and it is fairly shockproof, making it a popular grout choice in [...]

JP-141 Epoxy Mortar

JP-141 Epoxy Mortar [Epoxy ship mortar flooring material] 01. Use ❶ Finishing materials for the inside and outside of decks and residential areas in the ships ❷ Floor finishing materials for [...]

JP-2000S Epoxy Mortar

JP-2000S Epoxy Mortar [Anticorrosive, waterproof, adhesive flooring materials for steel plate decks] 01. Use ❶ Used for adhesion reinforcement between steel plate deck (Metal), asphalt, and [...]