HOC-153 Epoxy Molding

[For outdoor heavy electric machinery molding resin]

HOC-153 Epoxy Molding_cover

01. Use

❶ Resins for outdoor heavy electric machinery product molding
❷ SF6 gas substitutes: SF6 free high-voltage switchgear
❸ High-voltage transformer, bushing, housing, bracket

02. Product features

❶ Environmentally friendly: Can be used as a substitute for SF6 gas
12(Environmental regulation substances) used in existing switchgear
❷ Excellent electrical insulation, tracking resistivity, and complex deterioration
❸ Superior mechanical strength (stencil, bending, compressive, impact strength, etc.)
❹ Able to respond to customers’ molding requirements, with epoxy-base, insulator-related patents

03. Others
❶ Storage requirements
12Keep in 18℃ ~25℃
❷ Expiration date: One year from date of manufacture
❸ Molding condition: 130℃ x 1hr or more, post cure condition: 130℃ x 10 hrs or more
❹ Others: Preheat the Resin in 40℃ before use in winter season

04. Product properties

HOC-153 Epoxy Molding table


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