SM-160F Epoxy Molding

SM-160F Epoxy Molding [Flame-retardant Molding materials] 01. Use ❶ Epoxy resins for flame-retardant molding such as metals and plastics ❷ All sorts of electric and electronic parts molding [...]

HOC-603 Epoxy Molding

HOC-603 Epoxy Molding [Indoor heavy electric machine molding resin] 01. Use ❶ Resins for indoor heavy electric machine product molding ❷ High voltage transformer, bushings, high strength [...]

HOC-153 Epoxy Molding

HOC-153 Epoxy Molding [For outdoor heavy electric machinery molding resin] 01. Use ❶ Resins for outdoor heavy electric machinery product molding ❷ SF6 gas substitutes: SF6 free high-voltage [...]