JA-556B Epoxy Adhesives (Battery case adhesive)

[Battery case adhesive]


Battery case adhesive

01. Use

❶ Used in inorganic and organic materials adhesion such as ABS resin and plastics
❷ Used as an adhesive for electronics manufacturing including battery and home appliances

02. Product features

❶ Excellent adhesive strength for ABS, plastic, and FRP
Superior waterproofing, acid resistance, and alkali resistance
❸ Low viscosity and good workability with long pot time
❹ No change in adhesive strength by season or temperature
❺ Epoxy + Vinyl resin structured adhesive

03. Others
❶ Storage requirements
12A. Seal and store in room temperature (25℃ ±5℃)
12B. Avoid exposure to direct light
❷ Expiration date: One year from date of manufacture
❸ Hardening condition:
12A. 25℃ x 24hr or more
12B. 65℃ x 1hr or more

04. Product properties



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