Rapid curing waterproofing system

The Solution to Waterproofing your Flat Roof, Balconies and Walkways/Stairs

Rapid Roof gives a fully bonded seamless system capable of providing a waterproofing and anti-skid surface.The Rapid Roof Waterproofing System is a rapid cure, two coat waterproofing membrane that provides a tough surface coupled with 200% elasticity. With a smooth finish and available in seven standard colours, it provides a cured membrane with a similar finish to GRP or EPDM but with greater flexibility and faster application. Our system can be brush or roller applied, fully cures within 20 minutes and can be trafficked within an hour. It sets as a fully bonded membrane with over 200% elasticity. It is available in seven colours as standard (any RAL on request) and can be applied down to -30 degrees C.

The key benefits of the Rapid Curing Roofing System are:

  • Seamless Waterproofing
  • Fully Bonded 
  • No Flames     
  • No Waste 
  • Rapid Curing        
  • 200% Elasticity


Pitched/Corrugated Roofs: Rapid Roof is suited to smaller pitched roof projects.

Flat Roofs: All of our systems can be applied to flat roof areas. Rapid Roof is used predominantly on smaller projects or where a specific colour finish is required.

Ramps: Our Rapid Roof system can be applied as a standalone anti-skid membrane providing a hard-wearing fully bonded surface where it is required. Ideal for loading bays, access ramps and car park ramps.

Gutters: Gutters can be difficult to waterproof especially when there is a potential of imminent rain. Both our systems provide a rapid curing fully bonded seamless solution ideal for gutters of any material, length or girth.

Balconies: The waterproof and anti-skid properties of Rapid Roof combined with its rapid curing and varying colour options, provide contractors and the home enthusiast with the perfect solution for balconies.

Walkways & Stairs: Due to the rapid curing nature of Rapid Roof, it provides a quick and easy method for an anti-skid surface to the stairs and walkways where speed of application and time to traffickability can make all the difference.


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