JA-153CF Epoxy Flooring

[Environmentally friendly epoxy flooring coating]

JA-153CF Epoxy Flooring cover

01. Use

❶ Used in floor finishing: Neighborhood living facilities that require beautiful surfaces such as
regular offices, corridors, cafes, galleries, and restaurants
❷ Used for floor finishing in civil work and construction
❸ Floor finishing that requires dustproofing and wear resistance

02. Product features

❶ Outstanding harmony with various methods and products including pigment,
metal powder, leaves, stencil, etc.
Solvent-free type, environmentally friendly product
❸ Excellent gloss and elegant surface

03. Others

❶ Storage requirements
12A. Store in room temperature (25℃ ±5℃)
12B. Prohibit exposure to moisture and direct light
❷ Expiration date: One year from date of manufacture
❸ Hardening condition: 25℃ x 24 hrs

04. Product properties

JA-153CF Epoxy Flooring TABLE


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