Construction Materials

 This year, the Jeil Chemical family celebrates 20 years in the Korean chemical industry.
Compared to when the company was founded over 2 decades ago, we now live in a society where trade is much more competitive, products are differentiated and requirements are diversified.

We are no exception to be in a position to compete locally as well as globally.
Jeil Chemical has values solidly founded on the Three innovation of Entrepreneur, Engineering and Manufacturing.
Our aim is simple and honest-to deliver the best for our customers.
We take pride in our ability and flexibility to creatively design and innovatively engineering our products and service to best suit our individual customer’s requirement.

Bridge joint, mortar, waterproof sealant, grouting, coating
  • Waterproof roof sealant (PU resin, Acrylic resin)
  • Standard flooring (Epoxy resin, PU resin, Acrylic resin)
  • All-weather elastic surfacing (PU resin)
  • Rapid-curing waterproofing system (PU resin)
  • High-strength resin mortar (Epoxy resin, PU resin)

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